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Summer Fare

Throughout the summer I'll continue using Instagram and Tumblr to share book and exhibition news, as well as textile finds. But I'm quickly popping in here to further spread the word about indigo expert Jenny Balfour Paul's new book, Deeper than Indigo. Her latest project is a bit of a departure from the previous tomes on the alluring blue dye in that this book is part biography and travelogue, centered around an intrepid Victorian adventurer, Thomas Machell. Be sure to check out the publisher's slideshow of Machell's colorfully illustrated journal pages -- his impressions of India and China -- which now belong to the British Library

[From Joss Graham: Narrow strip woven cotton, stitch resist indigo-dyed N'dop made in Cameroon, early-20th century.] 

The London launch of Deeper than Indigo will take place June 2 at Joss Graham Gallery, and throughout the month indigo textiles will be on view.

If you simply enjoy seeing color of any kind painstakingly applied to cloth, take a look at the V & A's new Yuzen video.