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[On my iPad: Saint Laurent ad featuring Joni Mitchell. Pattern behind device is Portland Collection.] 

Layers -- visual and maybe metaphorical ones, too -- feature in Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane's new ads with Joni Mitchell. Not only has she always created nuanced and multi-dimensional music, but, on the textile front, Mitchell has a long history of mixing interesting patterns. If you're new to this blog, last year Schuyler Samperton fortuitously shared a round-up of Joni-inspired textiles.  

[From Harper's Bazaar UK, February 2015]
And with lace still coming on strong, here's a link to the earlier Love Lace post. While the exhibition left the Powerhouse Museum in 2013, the app lives on.

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Karena said...

Bravo to Saint Laurent! Adore Joni of course!

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