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Flower Field

[Sugar camellias being made in Ron Ben-Isreal's studio. Photo by Mel Barlow.] 

Maybe you've noticed that intricately crafted sugar flowers are back (think of Blake Lively's wedding cake and the past two White House holiday seasons, for which the rising culinary star, pastry chef Maggie Austin, created head-turning blooms). But these flowers aren't just back from the 90s. The Tudors' and their entourage enjoyed various forms of sugar work, too. If you're curious about the connection between sugar flowers and Britain's great country houses, or just want to learn more about today's masters of the art form, check out my story in the February issue of flower.

[©NTPL/Andrew Butler]

Usually when I'm talking about flowers and Powis Castle in Wales, I'm mentioning the bold red poppies on the 18th-century Indian chintz tent nabbed by Edward Clive, 1st Earl of Powis (it will soon travel to London for the V & A's big fall show) or I'm describing the Clive Album. However, there are loads of fresh flowers to be found at this National Trust property, including varieties kept in massive pots. Get inspired here. And learn more about the gardens in general, here.

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