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Grand Opening

[Longquan ware vase, latter half of 13th century,  Southern Song or Yuan dynasty. Stoneware with celadon glaze and Japanese lacquer repairs. Freer Sackler.] 

The Freer Sackler is starting the new year with a bang, releasing images of 40,000 Asian artworks (the galleries' entire holdings) via a free resource called Open F|S. This means that the public will be able to access objects not on view and if interested use the images for anything ranging from massive mood boards to more scholarly pursuits  -- essentially any personal or artistic project under the non-commercial umbrella.

Check out the gilded "scar" on the old vase, above. Rather than hide its imperfections, a Japanese artisan highlighted the flaws as he repaired them.

[Carrying case,  20th century. Cotton with mirror glass, open chain, buttonhole, and stem stitches; laid work. Gujarat/Kutch or Sind, India or Pakistan. Freer Sackler.]

According to the museum, slight asymmetry also figures in the design of this handbag with pakko (meaning well-done) embroidery. The unconventional approach is supposed to stave off bad fortune.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love the gilded scar - great idea!!!
Happy New Year Courtney!!

Emile de Bruijn said...

Me too: great illustration of the postmodern celebration of 'fracture' :) Except the Japanese were already doing this postmodern thing in about 1600!