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In the Air

[Chloe Spring 2015 via Vogue UK.]

[Ralph Lauren's fall spin on lacy pattern in wool.] 

Lace is in the air figuratively, on the runways.

[Caroline Clifton-Mogg's book, Textile Style, open to the section on lace. Photography by Andrew Wood.]

And literally, here above this tub. If you happened to check out my Instagram feed this week, you probably glimpsed a bit of this bathroom. It seems to be channeling Stevie Nicks, and with all those house plants, it has a nice 70s feel in general. So, in more ways than one, it's on the same wavelength with what recently came down the catwalk. This room is also my perfect segue to a new exhibition mention: Nineteenth Century Lace at the Lacis Museum in Berkeley. The recently opened show explores both handmade and machine-made examples, charts shifts in fashion and technique (including a method of embroidering in the air), and delves into how technology helped the lace industry survive turbulent times. Admission is free and the exhibition continues through February 9, 2015.

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Terry said...

Unreal tub, it this a real bathroom or a studio shot. Doesn't matter, I've crush on the tub.