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More African Style

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Don't scroll down too fast and miss the beaded, multi-color tassel on FEED's new Heritage Makindu bag. It adds a hint of regional flair to the internationally classic form, which in this case has been handcrafted by Kenyan artisans. All of the Heritage bags provide school meals for children in Kenya; this example happens to provide 200 and comes in a kitinge cloth bag.

[Murals at the home of Esther Mahlangu, May 19, 2014. Photo: Richard B. Woodward.]

[Contemporary artist Esther Mahlangu via the VMFA.] 

The vibrant color mixes traditionally spotted in South Africa, specifically Ndebele style, can currently be seen in the U.S. at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Esther Mahlangu just began an artistic residency there and she is painting free-hand two 9- by 15-foot works that will ultimately lead into the museum’s African Art Gallery. Mahlangu's larger-than-large geometric pieces relate to the style with which Ndebele women have long painted the exteriors of their houses. Catch her completed project October 8 or onward, or stop by to see the work in progress now.

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