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[Image via Textile Hive]

Caleb Sayan, founder of the previously mentioned online resource, Textile Hive, will be in L.A. (at UCLA, specifically) on Friday, September 12th to participate in the Textile Society of America Symposium. His focus, appropriately enough, will be digital knowledge bases and ways of connecting textile collections -- topics that mesh well with the themes of this fall conference: innovation and change, past and present.

A wide range of textile scholars are scheduled to make presentations during the five-day event, using cloth as a jumping off point while covering the globe from Africa to Asia to the Americas.

[Photo by Ryan Bush and Aaron Rayburn] 

But back to Sayan and the website he developed in part to highlight the 40,000 + textiles gathered over the years by his mom, Andrea Aranow: He reports that his five and a half years of work to bring the pieces to a broader audience will soon culminate with an early September launch offering database memberships. So stay tuned.

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