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[At left, 18th-century woven Kashmiri sash from Karun Thakar's private collection; At right, "Persia" linen-cotton by Elizabeth Hamilton.]

Lately I've been spending a lot of time looking at Elizabeth Hamilton's collection of fabrics and wallpapers, specifically her "Persia" design. Hand silk-screened in Massachusetts and available in multiple colorways, it's a large-scale print.

[At left: 19th-century Kutch embroidery; Silk on stamped Chinese silk.
 Thakar's personal collection.]
When a swatch of the "Ocean" option brushed up against an open book on my desk, Indian Textiles: The Karun Thakar Collection, I saw pairing potential. Here are two examples.


Anonymous said...

I love the pattern combination you found! What a great coincidence for the two fabrics to swipe up against each other. Patterns that come from the Eastern countries are so eye catching and unique! They tell their own story.

Felt Ball Rug's Tumblr had a post this week about the inspiration of the Patterns found in Nepal. You should check it out!

ArchitectDesign™ said...