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Get The Picture

[All images in this post from Taschen's Peter Beard.]

This photo of Peter Beard, in one of his tents at Hog Ranch near Nairobi, is a familiar sight thanks to Taschen's series of books (and the internet). Maybe each time you've seen it, your eyes have understandably zeroed in on Beard wrapped in stripes. But take a look at the other stripes in the picture, lower left.

The cloth is covering Nejma Beard's dressing table circa 1990. Glamping before everyone was using the word.

I love the idea of a woven African textile as a backdrop for European-style bottles and brushes, so I pulled some different examples. Below are museum pieces, just for inspiration, but if you're looking to buy, check out the vast range of vintage and antique pieces at Adire.

20th-century cotton and silk from Nigeria (Yoruba peoples). Collection of The Met.

Strip-woven Yoruba cloth from the British Museum.

19th-century woven stripes likely created in Nigeria. Via British Museum.

1960s indigo resist-dyed cloth by the Yoruba people of south-western Nigeria. V & A collection.

More 1960s indigo, tie-dyed cotton also by Yoruba peoples. Via the V & A.

Plain-weave 1930s or 40s striped cloth, possibly from Mali. Via British Museum.


Anonymous said...

Divine! Just plain divine!

Both of them!!!

Holly said...

You're right, you just never would have noticed that second textile! What a great run through you provide on some interesting styles. I've always been more of a sucker for East Africa than West Africa, but I'll be keeping an eye out now for more Yoruba creations.