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Under Mexican Skies

[Hand-embroidered Maggie Galton Chipas pillow speaks to Mexico's heritage.]

Last year, thanks to the High's major exhibition, Frida & Diego, and the show's requisite pop-up gift shop, Mexican textiles and other handcrafted objects had the spotlight here in Atlanta. Some of the wares were from art historian turned designer / product developer Maggie Galton. (Currently you can find her things along with other makers' textiles at the much-buzzed-about JM Drygoods.)

[Oaxacan striped throw is from JM Drygoods.]

For me, seeing the intricate patterns and bold colors in person sparked a new design crush that hasn't really waned. So, I'm happy to report that another exhibition of Mexican works, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon: Wixárika Arts of Modern West Mexico, is on view this summer at Emory University's Carlos Museum. This show focuses on beadwork (think bowls and masks) and yarn paintings.

[Sakma Hayek in Miramax's Frida, 2002.] 

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