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[Unless credited otherwise, all photography courtesy Zak + Fox. Above, Khaden in Himalaya.]

I want to re-watch Kundun or Seven Years in Tibet. In the past when I've seen these movies, I've been preoccupied with the colorful stripes but now, thanks to the release of Zak + Fox's printed linen, Khaden, a design inspired by historic dyed wool and cotton Tibetan "tiger rugs," I think I need to check out what the films' set decorators did with the floors.     

[Khaden in Bengal]

Traditionally, woven Tibetan carpets incorporate tigers' stripes as a motif. A few years ago there was a show at The Met, Rugs and Ritual in Tibetan Buddhism, with some terrific older examples that convey how the stripes were abstracted into graphic patterns. Although, those tantric rugs were still somewhat representational, outlining the wild animal's head and paws. In contrast, Zak + Fox's riff is solely about pattern: wavy, painterly looking stripes set off by a layered six-inch border running down both sides of the fabric. (Are you imagining it on an ottoman, too?)

You can find the new print at Hollywood at Home or at the Zak + Fox NYC showroom.

Harder to track down is the lavish new tome devoted to Karun Thakar's collection of Indian textiles. Featuring essays by the V & A's Rosemary Crill and The Met's John Guy, the book is currently backordered at Powell's as well as the major online emporiums, but worth waiting for. More on this title when I get my hands on an actual copy.

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Lisa Hjalt said...

That book is going straight to my wish list! (Your blog is dangerous for my financial status, my wish list keeps getting longer!)

Haven't watched Kundun or Seven Years in Tibet for years. Maybe it's about time to do something about that.