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New to Aleta online is Brigitte Singh's hand-blocked Cream Chrysanthemum Variation 2.

In this mellow, earthy colorway, I can't stop imagining the fabric used for curtains flanking a row of windows in a light-filled, 70s-era, Carole King-esque Laurel Canyon house.

This summer I've been discovering her music -- and her old album covers. Over at this sight, I stumbled across a review that describes the iconic image on Tapestry as "unapologetically domestic." Two thoughts ran through my mind: (A) That would've been a great blog name or online alias; (B) If I ever audit the Women in Rock course, or any class on 20th-century music, I've got a paper topic. Jim McCrary's photo has multiple layers to analyze.

At the moment, I'm juggling work deadlines so for now let's just think about window seats and the possibilities of Singh's new collection.


home before dark said...

You are such an old soul! I have this album from my college days. Always a favorite. Love the idea of the alias as "unapologetically domestic". All my youth and young adulthood I railed against this label until I realized in my 50s with my education and career, my most happy thoughts revolved around my home, my garden and my kitchen.

Emile de Bruijn said...

Yes you would be an excellent tutor for a 'semiotics of the album cover' course - how cover art reflected other art trends and trends in society at large, the style of the cover designer or photography, the brand image of the musicians, etc, such a rich subject. And this example wonderfully illustrates the artifice involved in creating a natural-looking image.

Style Court said...

HBD: You should see my instagram feed. I think the internet has fueled everyone's interest in past decades. Or at least the classics.

Emile: Thank you! But I think you'd be better at actually leading the course. How cool that would be.

Everyone: I know there's a technical glitch with comments. Trying to fix it...