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Get the Picture

 [Matisse's photograph of his assistant, Lydia Delectorskaya, circa 1935.]

At the moment, there's a charcoal-and-white mitered-stripe maxi dress hanging near the entrance to J. Crew, Lexox Square. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be shown online but the dress has a cut-in neckline (albeit sans flowing tie) that makes it just the thing to channel Lydia this summer.

[Update 5.21.14: Here's the blue-and-white option in the catalog.]
So now all that's missing are the Monstera leaves from Whole Foods,  an armless provencial chaise layered with fabrics and an easel.

This one from English Country Antiques isn't pre-war, it's midcentury, but the paint splatters appeal to me.

Dick Blick has a more affordable option: this easily portable, bamboo, French sketchbox-style easel.

For more on Matisse's assistants and how they helped the artist execute his cut-outs, take a look at this BBC documentary.

And to see how William Pahlmann Associates once took inspiration from art supplies, check out Tools of the Trade.


Anonymous said...

fabulous.. love this .. I saw the photo yesterday and thought how perfect she was, and the dress ,and the surroundings .....
a dream of inspiration

parisbreakfast said...

LOVED the Matisse video!
Makes me want to run to London toute suite
Big merci

Mary Randolph Carter said...

I have always had a fondness for paint-spattered easels! I love the one from English Country Antiques.
imperfectly perfect they are!
warmest, Carter