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Still Blue

[Details followed by full view of non-perishable goods' pillows.]

More blues today, both finds and resources. First, Indonesian blues in the form of vintage, handwoven ikat sarongs re-imagined as pillows by Portland, Oregon-based non-perishable goods. (This textile studio tends to have a strong assortment of exceptionally long pillows, like pieces made from Mexican serapes, with plenty of visual punch to stand alone on a sofa or bed.) Picking up on the pinkish hues woven in with the indigos, Shay Carrillo, the creative force behind the studio, offers this particular pillow backed with mauve linen -- or grey, if you prefer -- and optional rose pom fringe.

[Toraja people: late 19th-early 20th century Rongkong district Sulawesi Indonesia; cotton, warp ikat; National Gallery of Australia.] 

Nearly 300 antique Indonesian ikats and scores more Indonesian textiles in general can be explored over at the National Gallery of Australia's microsite. I've mentioned the resource before but today it warrants a reminder. The Sari to Sarong site is still accessible, too.

Speaking of global vintage and antique textiles, specialist Molly Hogg is curating the entryway display at The Decorative Antiques & Textile Fair opening in London April 29. Her theme is Textiles as Art, when cloth is better off on the wall.

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