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Channeling Joni

One day while emailing back and forth about some decorating-related topic, L.A.-based Schuyler Samperton and I realized we'd both recently watched this really magical documentary about Joni Mitchell's music.    

Her songwriting, her voice and her life story totally captivated us, of course, but Schuyler added that she also couldn't stop thinking about Joni's clothes. So I asked the talented Ms. Samperton if she would share a few pairings -- pull textiles related to Joni's 1960s and 70s outfits.

[Schuyler, also a guitar-playing California blonde, photographed by Coleen Rider.]

Demonstrating her eye for detail, Schuyler made wonderfully less expected comparisons -- table linens, fabrics, antique textiles. I wish I could've formatted everything in an interactive, multi-media presentation complete with background tunes, but I can't afford the song rights. For the next best experience, download some vintage Joni and start scrolling...

[Unless captioned otherwise, Schuyler pulled all publicity stills of Joni from Google.]

First, let's look at the embroidery.

From Vaughan Designs, hand-embroidered linens: Hydra and Ios.

And, below, a 19th-century Chamba coverlet, made in northern India, and currently among the offerings at Sarajo.  

Now to the menswear-inspired goods.

[Mitchell arriving in England with Graham Nash.]

Schuyler favored Holland & Sherry County Tweeds and a Third Phase Chief's Blanket from Shiprock Gallery.

As indigo girl.

For this mood, Schuyler picked Ralph Lauren's Hampton Beach Jute, an antique Indonesian cloth, and an old Burmese stripe. The latter two textiles are both from Sarajo.

[Via Pinterest]

Joni and iconic Missoni? Yes please.

Lastly, one of Joni's quintessentially soft looks: pink crochet interpreted by Schuyler with a vintage, naturally hand-dyed grey table runner and Ralph's Sunbaked Linen in pink.


Lainie said...

Joni has often said in interviews that she made her own clothes when she was younger - part of why she's always inspired me as an artist and textilian. Thanks for a lovely post (as always).

Terry said...

Bravo Joni one of a kind.

Lisa Hjalt said...

I watched it last night and loved it ... the music and the clothes. Thanks for sharing the link!

donna baker said...

I am such a Joni fan. Listened to her today. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her looking happier than the one with Graham Nash. I watched a lengthy program from Canada recently where she was being honored on her seventieth. Other artists were singing her songs. It is sad she's lost her voice, but she tried anyway.

Jodi said...

Extraordinary! Thank you for sharing the link to the movie.

Christina said...

Hand embroidery could be used to brighten up almost anything! The crochet, applique and cross stitch embroidery designs are beautiful. The antique Indonesian cloth looks unique and traditional.