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Way Back Wednesday

[Detail: Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at the NYBG.]

Yesterday I stumbled across a Horst image from a past post (the one that also includes Franco Zeffirelli's wild pants and Indian cushions). It should've been added here or mentioned as a follow up to the orchid pot story.

[Photo by Horst, 1973 as seen in Horst Interiors.]

Compared to the director's pants, Enid Annenberg Haupt's three-dimensional still life may seem tame, but it actually holds a lot of interesting juxtapositions: the lines of her luminous Rothko are repeated on an earthy, unpretentious piece of pottery, and both of these are starkly contrasted with the exuberant twists and turns of her Louis XV console and prized orchids. Using a magnifying glass, I make out slits in at least one of her terra cotta orchid pots. And the roots seem to be enjoying their freedom.

The pictured Rothko, Orange and Tan, was later given to the NGA.

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