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[Photo via Vogue]

Look at this arrangement of African masks in Barbara Bush's NYC apartment. Some how they feel more alive, displayed loosely like this, than statically affixed to a wall or placed on a stand. Right now at the High, there's an exhibition of western and central African pieces, African Mask/Masquerade: More Than Meets the Eye, a show that explores the role of costume in traditional African culture, so I've been thinking about Bush's collection. And this cabinet.

With its trellis-like, open work doors, it reminds me so much of design from another continent:  Indian jails.

[Image via Cistanthe]

Which brings me to more new hand-blocked fabric from Cistanthe. Shown above is Harlequin Ajrakh, created with a 16-step process of dyeing and printing. There are other wonderful geometrics in this line, too, such as Serpentine and Gingko.

[Detail view: Jali from Delhi-Agra, Jahangir period, c. 1605–27. Included in Francesca Galloway's exhibition, Red Stone.]

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Lisa Hjalt said...

I love that hand-blocked fabric in the 2nd photo, it's beautiful.