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Compare and Contrast

[Detail: Felt mosaic. Kyrgyz, Central Asia. Circa mid-20th century. Via Meller's Bazaar.]

This isn't the first time I've paired one of Susan Meller's vintage Central Asian textiles with a Matisse, and it probably won't be the last.

But when I noticed one of the envelope-shaped Central Asian storage bags (bokche) that was originally featured in the textile historian's book, Silk and Cotton, is now available in her shop, I thought it was calling out to be paired.

[Henri Matisse, oil on canvas. Click here for more.]

Many pieces from Matisse's own textile collection can be seen in his 1924 painting, Interior, Flowers and Parakeets. This layered still life is part of the famous Cone Collection and is currently on view at the MIA in Matisse: Masterworks from the Baltimore Museum of Art.

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Unknown said...

I love this comparison. You have such an eye for recognizing forms.

Style Court said...

Thanks, Shannon!