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Warming Up

Dr. Zhivago-esque or not, frozen windows are less charming in real life. I think we could all use a little warmth. Soon.

[Andrew Bucci, Abstract 1977. Oil and charcoal on paper.]

Even just warmer sights, like the pink, red and yellow-green strokes in Andrew Bucci's work, on view throughout January at Cole Pratt Gallery in New Orleans. This Saturday, the gallery is having a reception to celebrate the Southern modernist's work.

[Screengrab from Dr. Zhivago. The miniseries aired in the U.S. on Masterpiece Theatre. Set decoration by Philippa Hart and Tatiana MacDonald. Cotume design by Annie Symons. Click to enlarge.]
But if you're not weary of Zhivago imagery, don't forget all the embroidered textiles in Giacomo Campiotti's 21st century interpretation.

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