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[Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940) Madame Josse Hessel dans l'atelier de Vuillard, 1915,
 pastel on paper. Image via Christie's.]

Beautifully blurred, the rugs in Vuillard's studio, above, are nearly indistinguishable from the dappled sunlight streaming through the room and almost one with the floor.

With its gradated dyes, this vintage hand-knotted Oushak spied at Old New House has a painterly quality that reminds me of Vuillard's work.

Fitting, I guess, since Melissa and Dave, the husband-and-wife-team behind NewYork-based Old New House, see rugs as works of art in themselves. Dave comes from a very long line of rug dealers, and in addition to the array of antique and vintage Orientals offered in the couple's shop, you'll find wonderfully graphic pillows made from rug remnants.

[Image courtesy Old New House]

These wares are stitched up in their own NY studio.

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