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The Next Wave

[Silkworm from the series This Our Land, Anna Heyward Taylor, linoleum print, 1948. The Gibbes. Click to enlarge.]

In just over a month The Great Wave: Japonisme in Charleston will open at The Gibbes. Contrasting works by Charleston Renaissance artists (a group active from 1915 through the 1940s) with 19th century Japanese woodblock prints, this exhibition illustrates how the South Carolina artists drew inspiration from Japan’s ukiyo-e school. Typically, these Southern artists celebrated the flora and fauna of their own region but depicted it in a very Japanese-influenced style, using Japanese techniques. And of course many of the plants and trees associated with the American Southeast actually originated in Asia. More on the upcoming show can be found in this past post.

Today I wanted to highlight another of Anna Heyward Taylor's linoleum prints from the 40s. It's like the great aunt of a graphic Jennifer Ament. Oh and speaking of great waves, check out Ament's new painting, Crashing Wave, at the bottom of this page.

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