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Susan Meller's Silk and Cotton: Textiles from the Central Asia that Was -- a book I'm in the middle of reading and plan to cover here soon -- is filled with older, riotously colored suzanis but this simpler, mid-20th-century deep-blue-and-white example is making me return over and over to page 183.

Susan explains that the piece is from Samarkand, with a “flowering bushes” motif. When I first spotted it doing the initial flip through the new book, I thought Matisse. And in fact in her text Susan makes the comparison, noting that the crisp graphic quality of the stylized botanicals evokes the artist's paper cutouts.

If you're drawn to this suzani too, it happens to be available through the author and collector's online bazaar.

Expanding on the Matisse connection, I've pulled some images from past posts.

[Photo my own: Matisse circa 1943 captured in his studio by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Behind the artist is his large-scale 19th-century Egyptian appliqued cotton hanging. This image and the Egyptian piece are both included in Matisse: His Art and His Textiles: The Fabric of Dreams.

[Matisse's Forms, White Torso and Blue Torso, 1943, from Jazz.]

[Frances and Sidney Brody with their commissioned work via Mid-Centuria and Life.]

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