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Look A-Likes

[Image via HanCinema]

As part of the festivities surrounding In Grand Style: Celebrations in Korean Art During the Joseon Dynasty, on view now through January 12, 2014 at the Asian in San Francisco, the museum will screen Masquerade right before Christmas. Just watching the teaser for this film about doppelgangers and intrigue within the Korean royal court, I was struck by costume designer Yoo-jin Kwon's use of luminous color.

It's fun to compare the movie's palette with the range of colors found in the exhibition pieces. For example, shown above is a detail from an eight-panel folding screen with ink on silk: Fifty-ninth Birthday Banquets for Elder Queen Mother Sunwon, 1848. National Museum of Korea.

Next: a lacquered and gold-painted Palanquin of a king, 1800-1900, embellished with silk, metal and cotton. National Palace Museum of Korea.

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