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Go West!

[Yoholo-Micco by Henry Inman after Charles Bird King, circa 1832-1833. High Museum of Art.]

On view at the High right now is a fringed turquoise jacket that made me silently wonder, "1970s rock star or 19th century Native American?" For a second, I thought it might have been worn by the former. So much presence it has.

The jacket is one of several beautifully embellished examples included in the museum's new exhibition, Go West! Although landscape photography and painting -- eleven Bierstadts along with numerous works by Moran, Wyeth, Remington, and Twachtman -- form the heart of the show, textiles are a strong component. In addition to actual beadwork, painted bags and stunning feathered pieces, there are the textiles captured by Henry Inman in his series of portraits of primarily southern Native American tribal leaders. All 24 have been installed together, so this massive gallery wall alone warrants lots of visual note taking.

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