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Floors and Beds

[Screenshots from Hidden Treasures of Indian Art.]

A few years ago over at Treasure Hunt, Emile de Bruijn did a great post on the Elizabeth coincidentally mentioned in my previous post, aka Bess of Hardwick. She was a master embroiderer and to this day the Elizabethan country house she built, Hardwick Hall, is known for its extraordinary collection of textiles. Most famous for English tapestries and embroideries, the enormous glass and stone Hall is also home to two centuries-old Indian pieces: a Gujarati floor spread and a Bengali quilt.

Pictured above, the floor cloth is explored in this video. And Rosemary Crill writes about both in Textiles from India.

More contemporary patterned furnishings -- specifically colorful rugs, bedding, and wallpapers -- typically found in the inner sanctums of young women circa 2012 feature prominently in Karen Ann Myers's current exhibition at the Georgia College Museum. Also on view is a companion show, Derek Cracco: From Here To There, that looks at pulp fiction, fantasy and reality. (Since the CW popped up in my last post, I thought I'd share a link to these newly opened exhibitions that involve teen/young adult angst.)

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La Maison Fou said...

Gorgeous, and the color hue is muted and very nice. Love the aviary nods....