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Green Card Again

[My screengrabs are from the '91 movie.]
Anticipating next month's Deitz lecture, I decided to begin reading Of Gardens and take a virtual trip around the world.

What I didn't expect was time travel to the 1990s and a visit to the set of blogosphere favorite, Green Card.

Among Deitz's essays is a piece she wrote for the New York Times in 1990. While I believe a real-life late-19th-century building was used in the filming of fictional horticulturist Brontë's (aka Andie MacDowell's) much-coveted apartment, Deitz reports that production designer Wendy Stites created most of the rooftop conservatory -- the feature that makes the apartment so desirable -- on a Manhattan soundstage. (Stites also conjured the Frick-terrace-like garden where the beautifully lit formal dinner party takes place, and the very informal community garden spearheaded by Brontë.)

The designer unearthed old leaded glass to bring a sense of authenticity to Brontë's invented conservatory and hired Joni Brockschmidt as a greensperson, constantly refreshing the orchids and other plants, writes Deitz.

Apparently Andie MacDowell didn't let the magical set go to waste; after the shooting wrapped, she transported the conservatory to her own house. For more details, read Deitz's condensed, archived piece or better yet check out her book.

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