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Flower Show

[Embroidered mid-18th-century Coromandel Coast palampore. Cotton with silk thread. MFA, Boston. On loan to The Met.]

So wild and stylized are the representations of flora on bedcovers like the Indian palampore pictured here that it's hard to definitively classify the blossoms. I don't think any dahlias are part of the design, which by the way is exceptionally intricate, incorporating highly detailed chain stitch embroidery meant to resemble resist dying on a printed cloth, but I expect to see similarly rich colors on view this weekend in Atlanta at the Dahlia Society Show. The botanical anatomy of palampores and other trade textiles included in The Met's exhibition, Interwoven Globe, will be discussed in a free October 4th lunch time lecture with visiting professor Masako Yoshida from Kyoto City University of Arts (in case you missed the earlier announcement).

Color -- insane purples, pinks, yellows and reds from India along with deep indigos from Africa, the Americas and India -- is covered in the exhibition catalogue. Elena Phipps looks at the science, economics and fashion behind the dyes. And over at the show's homepage, The Met has posted links to synopses of other topics discussed in the book.


Aleta said...

Flowers are unidentifiable, but aren't they WONDERFUL! Thank you for posting a detailed image of this piece, Courtney, it's just hit me as very inspirational seeing it with my morning coffee!

Style Court said...

Definitely wonderful! Glad this inspired, Aleta.

Michelle Viggiano said...

Stunning, thanks for posting. Just beautiful.