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Bash: Korean Style

[Detail: Celebrations for the Birth of the Crown Prince.  Ink and colors on silk. Korean Treasure no. 1443. National Palace Museum of Korea.]

Heads up party planners and designers of all stripes: pieces including an incredibly vibrant embroidered-red-silk Joseon Dynasty bridal robe, a king's palanquin, and traditional Korean paintings of royal festivities will be among the 100 objects traveling to San Francisco for In Grand Style: Celebrations in Korean Art opening at the Asian October 25.

[Sun, Moon and Five Peaks. Ink on silk. National Palace Museum of Korea.]

In contrast with the myriad export wares we've been discussing lately, the pieces in this exhibition will reflect Korean taste, Korean culture and the significance of ceremony. For color inspiration alone, the show looks like it's not to be missed.

[Detail: embroidered bridal robe. National Museum of Korea.]

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