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Think Pink

[Mid-19th-century Moroccan cotton and silk embroidery. MFA, Boston.]

[Embroidered Moroccan towel.  MFA, Boston.]

[Detail: Mid-to-late-18th-century quilted American bedcover with horizontal and vertical bands of silk. MFA, Boston.] 

[Indian (Deccan), early 18th century. Cotton plain weave ground, embroidered with silk and metal-wrapped yarns, and quilted with silk yarns. MFA, Boston.]

Curators at the MFA, Boston are thinking pink. For a special exhibition set to open October 3 and continue through May 26, 2014, pink-hued pieces -- jewelry, graphic illustrations, clothes, paintings -- have been pulled from varied museum departments. Apart from offering a visual feast, the show will explore the social history of this ever-evolving color. In the meantime, I've gathered some pink (or just partly pink) textiles from the MFA's vast holdings.

[Fragment of Edo period Japanese silk with silk and gilt paper strip discontinuous supplementary patterning wefts. MFA, Boston.]

[Late-19th-century French satin. MFA, Boston.] 

[Late-18th- or early-19th-century printed English or French cotton. MFA, Boston.]

On Wednesday, October 2, the MFA will literally go pink, not just in the Think Pink galleries but outside too, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


John J. Tackett said...

Courtney, your examples never cease to inspire. I am particularly taken by the strips of silk made more interesting -- and stronger -- with the quilting.

Style Court said...

Thanks, John! The subtle pattern within pattern, organic lines within uniform stripes is great and the full view (in link) shows how wonderfully simple and sophisticated the quilt's composition is.

tokyojinja said...

I can't leave an intelligent comment...I'm too busy drooling! :-)
I'm dying over that first Moroccan fragment!

Style Court said...

Jacqueline -- based on the emails in my in-box, the Moroccan piece is a hit with everyone!