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Textile Scout™: Indian Floral

[Tent-lining panel from the Deccan, India, circa 1700-1740. Collection of The Met.]

Dominated by a series of big flower-filled circles, the design of this kalamkari-decorated cotton panel created in Burhanpur in the northern Deccan is unlike the Tree of Life palampores still coveted in the States and the UK. The Met says the mordant-painted and resist-dyed cloth was most likely made to suit Ottoman taste in 18th-century Bulgaria, rather than the European or Southeast Asian markets.

One of those wild, large-scale flowering trees in reds, plums and teals, designed around 1730 for the Sri Lankan market, happens to have made the cover of the first Interwoven Globe exhibition-related product available in the Museum's online shop. An exhibition catalogue will be published too.

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