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Indigo Tree

[Fragment with design of flowering plum branches in light-blue, gray, natural, and undyed cream on a blue-black ground. Gift of Benjamin W. Crowninshield to the MFA.]

So we learned today that the MFA, Boston has no shortage of interesting pink pieces, but the museum possesses myriad indigo textiles, too. Particularly Japanese and American examples. The one above happens to be a Japanese cotton. As contemporary as it appears, this plain-weave, stenciled and resist-dyed (katazome) cloth is actually from the late Edo period, meaning 19th century.


gésbi said...

Very lovely, very free design. Katazome designs are so inspirational for artists today.

Juliane at Modern Mural said...

Gorgeous piece. I love the MFA in Boston. Indigo is always so amazing to me--it's still beautiful hundreds of years later.