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Dahlia Show

[Frances Palmer made-in-the-USA bud vase]

Unfortunately dahlias aren't commonly spotted in Atlanta gardens -- at least not in the ones on my path -- but fans save the date: the Atlanta Botanical Garden will host the Dahlia Society Show Saturday, September 28 from 1 to 5 p.m. and Sunday, September 29 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

[Bennison's Dahlia.]

In the meantime, some dahlias interpreted by designers and artists.

[Bennison's Great Dahlia.]

[Frances Palmer is an incredible potter and gardner. More of her own now-famous home-grown dahlias can be seen here and here.] 

[This is not Neisha Crosland's specific dahlia fabric -- she designed that pattern in the 1990s -- but Checkered Flower, pictured above and also from the 90s, has spider-y petals that remind me of a certain type of dahlia. Image via V & A.]

[Detail followed by full view: Edna Boles Hopkins Spotted Dahlia, color woodcut, circa 1915-17.  MFA, Boston.]

[Spitalfields textile designer James Leman's dahlia-like flowers painted in purple watercolour 1712. V & A collection.]

[Henri Fantin-Latour Dahlias, oil on canvas, 1877. V & A collection.]

[Painting of white dahlia, gouache on mica, Trichinopoly,  India circa 1860. V & A collection.]


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Courtney!

Style Court said...

Thanks, Jacqueline!

Frances Palmer said...

Thank you Courtney for including my work and flowers! Thrilling to be part of your blog - I read and enjoy your posts as they always cover excellent topics.

Style Court said...

Thank you, Frances! I'm such a fan of your work. Btw, the WSJ piece is great! Love your Martha Stewart segments too :)

Holly B said...

These are some beautiful patterns and pieces of art! Checkered flowers is my favorite. I could see using that pattern in my bathroom, it would fit PERFECTLY with my theme there. Gorgeous!

Style Court said...

Glad you like them, Holly.