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[Blanket, Phaa Hom, Tai, Northern Laos, Northwestern Vietnam,
1920-50. Tilleke & Gibbins collections. Image via Hali.]
Just a couple of textile news bulletins: Fans of batiks, ikats and a general variety of Vietnamese and Tai cloth will want to pick up (or download) the new summer issue of Hali. Included is Mattiebelle Gittenger's extensive, beautifully-illustrated review of Art of Southeast Asian Textiles by Linda McIntosh.

[Photograph of Rebecca Vizard walking toward her dad's house, in Louisiana, taken by Emily Hamilton Laux courtesy Rebecca Vizard.]
Closer to home, Louisiana-based designer, textile connoisseur, and world traveler, Rebecca Vizard, will be in Atlanta for a trunk show of her antique pillows at Foxglove July 10-11.  

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