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Textile Scout™: Lulu DK

[Click to enlarge. All images via Lulu DK Lifestyle Shop.]

Two of the artists mentioned in the previous post never traveled to India (or any place across the ocean, as I understand it), even though the lush imagery in their work often makes me think of densely patterned Southeast Asian textiles. But contemporary artist and designer Lulu de Kwiatkowski definitely has trekked across the globe. Everything she's seen and experienced along the way has informed her paintings and original fabric designs. Like Evans and Rowe, de Kwiatkowski is profoundly influenced by the natural world. While traveling, she's also picked up many treasures from seashells to sarongs.

Her soon-to-launch online lifestyle shop will offer some of these found textiles as well as prints of her original paintings, and bags, pillows, lampshades and ottomans made with her own fabric designs. Take a look here.

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