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Still on the Grand Tour

[Late-1930s Indian cotton printed with textile paints.  Courtesy of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art.]
By now you probably know the story by heart: While visiting India during her round-the-world honeymoon in the mid-1930s, Doris Duke fell for (or, as Linda Komaroff speculates, built upon a pre-existing passion for) Mughal design. This curtain is one of ten panels she commissioned not long after. They were destined for Shangri La, her modernist house in Honolulu, and Duke installed them to create a tented interior in her Playhouse. Currently you can see this example up close at the Norton in Palm Beach as part of the previously discussed exhibition, Doris Duke’s Shangri La. The show continues through July 14. Next stop: The Nasher.

[Doris Duke with surfer and musician Sam Kahanamoku at the entrance to Shangri La, circa 1939. Photo copyright The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.]  


Wayne Pate said...

What a great post, love it!

Style Court said...

Thanks, Wayne!

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

What a lovely post. Miss Duke had quite an eye for all things beautiful.
I am working on two projects in PB.
I Love the Norton and indeed will spend a lot of time viewing the exhibit.

Style Court said...

Maureen -- sounds like perfect timing. Hope you enjoy it.

Carolina Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love your work. Thank you for continuing to inspire my paintings. --Saludos, Carolina Elizabeth

Style Court said...

Carolina Elizabeth -- glad you're inspired!