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Off the Record

[Batle feather via the V & A]

I'm still gathering things for the floral-imagery-in-Green-Card post but had to pop in for a brief reminder: Memory Palace -- the V & A's provocative new show that asks visitors to imagine a world in which collecting, recording ideas and feelings, reading, and all sorts of art-making are forbidden -- opens June 18. In conjunction with the exhibition, the Museum shop is stocking sculptor Agelio Batle's graphite feather and butterfly. Hand-carved in San Francisco, Batle's pieces are functional; any part of the surface can be used as a drawing implement. But apparently the smudge-resistant, pressure-fused graphite won't stain your fingers. As tempting as it would be to keep this lovely feather in-tact, I guess the point is to get creative with it.

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