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Inspiration is Free

[Photo by Courtney Barnes]

If you find yourself on Atlanta's Westside anytime soon, take a peek at the Howell Mill Anthro's latest window. The creative team has done an installation that, in an abstract way, might transport you to the top of a crashing big blue Endless Summer-esque wave.

Accessible to everyone is the MFA's e-book, Arts of Korea. From now through August 1st, the well-illustrated publication can be downloaded for free.

[Click to enlarge. Charles Bain Hoyt Collection, MFA, Boston.]

Turning the pages of the catalogue and enjoying the 360-degree view options in the electronic edition, I thought about showing only pieces with a sea motif but in the end decided this vine-covered, inlaid and celadon-glazed 13th-century Goryeo dynasty ewer was a must-see. It's just one example of the MFA's stellar ceramics collection.

[Plate, 1990, Sang Ho Shin,  Gift of the artist to MFA, Boston.]

Some do see fish in the decoration of this contemporary stoneware plate by Shin Sangho. The Museum points out that Sangho references centuries-old Buncheong ceramics (note the purposely rustic feel of his object) but makes his own mark, literally, with brush painting, stamped slip decoration and incising all used together in a way that suggests Abstract Expressionism. In addition to pottery, Arts of Korea explores ink painting, Buddhist art, mirrors and lacquerware.

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