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Why Don't You...

[I've been pouring over old books for images of Geoffrey Bennison rooms; this is a phone camera shot of Suzanne Trocme's Influential Interiors open to a brief section on Bennison.]
So here's my admittedly less fanciful take on Diana Vreeland's famous Why Don't You...? columns for Harper's Bazaar: Cover a set of books with a Bennison-esque print.

[Another picture of an open book: Caroline Clifton-Mogg's Decorating with Antiques.] 

Revisiting architect Piero Castellini Baldissera's red cabinet filled with pattern-bound volumes got me thinking about this (his collection of bound vintage magazines appeared in a past post on storage). If you want a touch of faded floral but aren't ready to recover a chair or do curtains, a summer book-covering project could be just the thing.

Paper Source has book-binding supplies for beginners. Alternatively, if you decide to eschew fabric and go the paper route, Kate's Paperie has a nice soft blue-and-white pattern.

[Also from a past post, books via Joslyn and Nichole.]   

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It really is stylishly lovely,despite what heading implies to me only or only I.