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Looking at Vases

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Knowing that porcelain with blue-and-white decoration is still produced en masse by factories in Jingdezhen, China, two art professors -- American ceramicist Barbara Diduk at Dickinson College and Chinese artist Zhao Yu at Hunan Normal University -- became fascinated with the remarkable variety of the myriad hand-painted surfaces. Although, they point out, this distinctiveness is something you really notice after closer inspection. Beginning around 10 years ago, they organized an installation, The Vase Project: Made in China - Landscape in Blue, to highlight the region's vase painters who ordinarily remain anonymous.

In conjunction with its own related exhibition, New Blue and White, the MFA, Boston is stocking The Vase Project book.

[Designed by Rodarte, produced by Nicholas Kirkwood, Pair of woman’s shoes, 2011. Museum purchase with funds donated by the Fashion Council, Museum of Fine Arts Boston.]

And don't forget, the MFA show (featuring Ming porcelain-inspired pieces by Rodarte acquired with help from one of the Museum's Friends groups) closes July 14.


Janet said...

So thrilled to hear about the Vase Project! Barbara Diduk was one of my professors in college :).

Style Court said...

Janet -- small world!

Style Court said...

Janet -- small world!