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Up Soon: Building Beauty

[Photo by Francois Halard © Building Beauty: The Alchemy of Design, Rizzoli New York, 2013. Published with permission.] 

Click the image above to appreciate each component. Notice what's reflected in the delicate Indian mother-of-pearl mirror resting on the Neapolitan mantel? It's a tantalizing hint of white hand-embroidered linen on a nickel-silver four-poster Robshaw bed -- the takes-your-breath-away element in one of the most beautiful bedrooms Michael Smith has ever done.

Many of you probably remember this ethereal bedroom by the sea from a past magazine story. In fact, maybe you pinned it for inspiration. But thanks to Smith's latest book, now we can all pour over the room from multiple, not-seen-before angles. Actually, we can tour the entire house; see it with light flooding through the windows at the most compelling times of day. Although I keep saying most, the house is really a lesson in less. As in less is more. Smith channels Palladio here (think classical restraint), and while there's no question this house in Malibu is cinematically grand (the stuff of fantasy, by most standards), it has a breeziness about it. We'll explore the book in the next few days.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

oh good! i was dying to see this book. I just got the catalog in the mail on the auction and was tantalized by the photo teasers. I just adore his work and Palladian to boot! Now another book to add to the list of 'must buys'!

Style Court said...

Stefan -- the whole team contributes to the book, too. You'll appreciate the chapter by architect Oscar Shamamian!

Janet said...

Yes, sometimes less definitely is MORE. Just gorgeous. Can't wait to see the book in person!