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Le Motif Floral

[At the Atlanta Botanical Garden for Atlanta Blooms!. Flowering branch photos my own.]

[On Auburn Avenue.]

[Image via Marg.]

Between the books on my shelves and the titles on my never-ending wishlist, I thought I was aware of lots of Calico Museum-related editions. But scrolling through the inventory at Rug Books, I found a surprise. (After mentioning the California dealer in the previous post as a U.S. source for a new yet still kind of elusive exhibition catalogue, I decided to spend more time exploring).

Treasures of Indian Textiles was published in 1980 by not-for-profit Mumbai-based Marg. Using the Calico's stunning collection as a guide, the book offers a broad survey of cloth-production in India and provides background on the museum as an institution, too. Plus it has those iconic Mughal poppies on the cover. Running with this weekend's floral theme, I couldn't resist posting. Actually, among all the vintage tomes, Rug Books also has a botanically-oriented folio from 1995: Le Motif Floral dans les Tissus Moghols Inde XVIIe et XVIIIe Siecles. Measuring a substantial 11.5" x 16.5", this is a gathering of 26 color plates with just a bit of text.

Not bedecked with blossoms but very relevant (and, happily, more budget-friendly) is the V & A's 1991 book by Rosemary Crill and Veronica Murphy, Tie-dyed Textiles of India.


Laura Casey said...

Always love your visuals and links. The Mughal poppy is one of my favorites!

Style Court said...

Thanks, Laura!

Anonymous said...

I saw some beautiful azaleas here today too! And I think visiting India is becoming a real possibility in my near future...

Style Court said...

Jacqueline -- that's great! Your photos/general coverage of Indian sites will be amazing.

Picture of Elegance Blog said...

Thank you for the recommendation...Always a pleasure to visit your blog.

Style Court said...

Thank you, Amal!