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Granny Takes a Trip

[Image of George Harrison in Granny jacket via Sun Dazed.]

The name of London's Kings Road shop conveyed the vibe. Think Late-Victorian and Edwardian upholstery florals walking on the wild side. Picture John Henry Dearle's circa 1890s Golden Lily print (originally for William Morris wallpaper) reincarnated as a rock star's tailored jacket. In short, Granny Takes a Trip.

[John Henry Dearle's Golden Lily design at the V & A.]

[Boutique owner/designer John Pearse with jacket in a BBC documentary.]

A selection of Granny Takes a Trip pieces are in the MFA, Boston's permanent collection and will be included in curator Lauren D. Whitley's upcoming summer exhibition, Hippie Chic. Her focus is how street style of the 1960s and 70s, specifically youth-oriented bohemia, impacted haute couture and more mainstream ready to wear. The legacy is still with us today, in a broad sense with the emphasis on individual style and creativity, but also as evidenced by the now-classic menswear-inspired shirts and blazers that pop up in very English florals: Victoriana-meets-Modern interpretations from Rag & Bone resort 2013 and Stella McCartney spring 2013.

[Rag & Bone's Bailey jacket.]

According to the Museum's advance statements, the show will go beyond protest signs and incense to explore the ways in which hippies revolutionized fashion. A 152-page accompanying catalogue is expected to be available in June. The spirited exhibition will highlight roughly 50 outfits and open to the public July 16.

A note: I find it hard to mention Boston without expressing my sorrow for the victims of Monday's horrific violence. My thoughts are with those who've lost their lives or limbs or suffered other traumatic life-altering injuries.


Janet said...

What a fascinating show. LOVE that Granny jacket! Incidentally, I just bought a Barbour jacket at the outlet this weekend, lined with William Morris' Strawberry Thief. What's old is new again. . .

Style Court said...

Janet, I'll be curious to hear what you think of the show, if you're there this summer :)