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Eye Appeal

[Image via Cornucopia]

First the flower-strewn cover lured me in, then I saw a few sneak peeks in magazines including Hali and Cornucopia (the latter is a visually stunning, tri-yearly travel/arts/lifestyle mag recommended to me by photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna). Soon the Sadberk Hanım Museum's luxe new exhibition catalogue of Ottoman embroideries, Skill of the Hand, Delight of the Eye, landed at the top of my book wishlist.

Among the accolades the catalogue has received are comments from Penny Oakley. Writing for Hali spring 2013, she notes that the book is distinctive because the authors, curators Hülya Bilgi and İdil Zanbak, are descendants of Turkish embroiderers and consumers -- real insiders. To paraphrase the SHM, these skilled Ottoman craftspeople working between the 17th and early 20th centuries incorporated colorful silk thread and metallic wire stitches into infinite compositions. One example: the tightly packed roses and verbena rendered on the napkin that was chosen for the catalogue's cover.  Cornucopia adds that these intricate and varied stitches are explored in full-blown detail throughout the volume. And according to California-based Rug Books' listing, there are nearly 500 color illustrations in all.

FYI, Cornucopia has an online book store, too, offering worldwide subscribers free shipping. If you find yourself in Istanbul this spring, the SHM's exhibition, featuring the 167 textiles in three-dimension, continues through May 26.

Update 4.10.13

Miguel, Carolina Irving and Charlotte di Carcaci are collaborating on a new column (really something of a visual essay with interactive features including audio) for T magazine: In the Air. In the debut story, the trio looks at the strong influence of gardens and flowers seen throughout the latest couture collections in Paris, making comparisons to the art of Klimt and 19th century iron garden architecture. Check out the sumptuous slideshow here, and look for more in the next print issue scheduled to be out mid-April.

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