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Cooking with Lilies

[From the top right: oven mitt via the V & A shop; image of George Harrison in Granny Takes a Trip jacket via Sun Dazed.]

John Henry Dearle's late-19th-century Golden Lily print is still blooming. This spring it's cropping up on kitchen wares -- aprons, tea towels, pot holders and oven mitts -- in the V & A's new line of home textiles. As mentioned last week in the Hippie Chic post, Dearle's design was originally used by Morris & Co. but re-emerged a few generations later in the 1960s when George Harrison famously donned a jacket made with the wallpaper-esque, tangled floral. Although, Harrison's jacket, designed by John Pearse, was in the dark-background colorway; the Museum shop's collection features the light ground.

Note to readers in Vienna: the exhibition A Shot of Rhythm and Color: English Textile Design of the Late 19th Century continues through October.

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