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Watching: 82nd & Fifth

[Details: Circa 1849 woven goat fleece and silk shawl by Deneirouse and Boisglavy. Collection of The Met.]

My video pick for the new week was actually posted by The Met last week. Part of the museum's 82nd & Fifth series, in this installment, Looming Change, Melinda Watt looks at a staggeringly large 19th-century twill tapestry shawl with a design that blends Indian boteh motifs and blousy European garden blooms -- peonies, tulips, roses, hydrangeas and carnations. While we already know why hand-woven textiles are worthy of admiration, Watt makes the case that sometimes machine-crafted wares, too, can be brilliant examples of human ingenuity.


Laura Casey said...

They are absolutely striking, thanks for sharing this video. The colors are beautiful. Happy Easter Courtney!

Style Court said...

Happy Easter, Laura!