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Mexican Design Today

[Reyes silk pillow cover.] 

Thanks to a collaboration with Mexican-born-and-raised designer and illustrator, Paulina Reyes, elements of West Elm's summer 2013 collection have a distinctly Latin flair. On a series of new pillows, the stylized birds and branches of old Mexican craftwork are reinterpreted by U.S.-based Reyes with a loose painterly quality that is quintessentially her, but also evokes the handpainted Talavera ceramics she grew up with.

[Jar with Iron Collar (Chocolatero), ca. 1700, Puebla, tin-enameled earthenware. The Met's collection.]

[Double Gourd-Shaped Bottle (Botellón), late 17th century, Puebla, tin-enameled earthenware. The Met's collection.]

Obviously Mexican style -- past and present -- is on my mind because the previously mentioned event, Dialogos: Contemporary Mexican Design, will take place at the High this Thursday evening. Again, admission is free but tickets are required. If the presentation inspires you to see Frida & Diego, the museum galleries will remain open after the panel discussion until 10 p.m.


Blue said...

What is it about blue-and-white that is so abiding? I'd fill my house with it given permission from my other half and the bank manager. The pot with the metal neck is particularly beautiful.

Style Court said...

Blue -- yes, endlessly appealing!

I just spied another chocolate pot with a similar neck at the Phoebe Hearst museum.

Maria said...

I believe you meant to say that the designs were inspired by Otomí textiles instead of Talavera ceramics.

Style Court said...

Hi Maria -- I know what you mean. They make me think Otomi textiles too but Paulina says the handpainting on pottery inspired her. I think it's the fluidity. I looked through a Met book of Mexican Talavera and saw similarities.