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Textile Scout

For the second time in two weeks, London-based Aleta is on my radar. The boutique fabric company has for sale two discounted remnants of Brigitte Singh's block-printed floral, Blue Hibiscus Branch. One piece is 62.2 x 60.2 inches, ample enough to throw over the back of a four-poster and mimic Ben Pentreath's Chichester Showhouse bed. (If you're a Stateside reader and irked that I'm sharing a tempting bargain located all the way across the Atlantic, Aleta's shipping rates are very reasonable, in my experience at least, making her sale section worth a look. I like to mix a small dose of these hand-blocked cottons with made-in-the-US fabrics.)

[Design by Pentreath.]

[19th-century Kashmir shawl via Skinner.]

[Multicolored Sonia Delaunay-Terk Shawl Entitled 'A Damiers,' France, c. 1977. Via Skinner.]

In other textile news,  Janet Blyberg just shared a tip about the upcoming Met textiles sale on March 13 at Skinner in Massachusetts. Included are antique Kasmiri paisleys, embroidered silks and a Delaunay print. Take a peek here.

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