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Daffodil Sighting

At the Atlanta Botanical Garden, daffodil season officially begins in March but I've already spotted some blossoms popping up around town. Those were yellow, not surprisingly. In contrast, check out these stylized, deep pink Mughal-inspired interpretations from Aleta. Daffodil Jal in Orchid is pictured above; Daffodil Stripe in Absinthe and Ochre is below. Both hand-produced fabrics will be available this spring.

More stylized flora can be seen in The Sultan's Garden: The Blossoming of Ottoman Art, on view for just a few more weeks at The Textile Museum in D.C. Sunday, March 10 is the last day to see the show.


Jeanne Henriques said...

Just to say, on this hazy morning in much I enjoy your posts. There are mornings when I have to delete so many emails because I do not have the time..I always save yours.. :)

Style Court said...

Jeanne -- thank you! It was wonderful to find your comment in my sea of email :)