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Antiques Show Smalls

[Sultanabad remnant pillow. Photo my own.]

Today was my first chance to attend the 2013 Cathedral Antiques Show & Tour of Homes. Primary mission? To see two categories: Wounaan baskets brought by dealer Howard I. Price II Fine Art and old Turkish and Persian rugs. There was never any doubt I'd see beautiful, tempting things but I was pleasantly surprised to find small (unexpectedly affordable) gems at both Price's booth and Dana Kelly Oriental Rugs.

Dana Kelly has a wonderful array of attainable pillows made from fragments of old kilims, Sultanabads and other textiles -- very nicely stitched up in Kentucky, btw. So our textile of the day is a piece most likely made in Sultanabad for the Western market. The colors of these rugs were typically softer than those found in Persian-taste textiles, and of course older examples may be even more mellow now due to fading. Ziegler & Co., the Manchester, England firm with workshops in Sultanabad, was the most famous manufacturer. (Although today you may hear the term "Ziegler" tossed about generically.) Loving the mix of charcoals, pinks, reds and apple-greens here.

[Panama basket from H. I. Price II Fine Art.]

The previously mentioned Panama baskets are more stunning in person. Some are so tightly woven that they can hold water, I was told. Price, also an engaging and very informative dealer, has a selection of tiny works well suited to first-time collectors.  Check out his site to see where he'll be next and consult this suggested book if you want to learn more about Wounaan and Emberá women and their painstakingly crafted wares.

Although the antiques show ended today, other parts of the event continue. First Place Passion Tour featuring more intimate houses takes place Sunday, February 3 from 1 to 4 p.m. And Inspiration House will be open Thursday, February 7 through  Sunday, February 10. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. all days.​ All net proceeds from ticket sales go to Refugee Family Services, serving local women and children.

In the random tidbit category, hats off to Mom for spying iconic West Virginia-made Blenko Glass in the Cathedral book store!

FYI, LACMA owns of the largest, most well-known Persian carpets in the world, partner to a piece in the V & A.

As always I received no perks for mentioning the dealers above; simply enjoying the show as an anonymous, ticket-buying shopper/browser, not press.


Terry said...

Happy to see some greens. I now a fan of Panama baskets.

Ms. Ainee C. Beland said...

Happy to view such lovely green vase/jar as well. I attended a college hockey game and I purchased one of those slush and color was lime green slush. Weird coincidence. Thank you for sharing!