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African Textiles Coming to the High

 [Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), Kuba Culture, Shoowa people, Ceremonial Textile Panel, late 19th to early 20th century, permanent collection LACMA.]

In the last ten years the High's collection of African Art has really grown. During that time, an array of sculptures have been in the gallery's limelight more often than textiles but this spring and summer the focus will broaden when Symmetry/Asymmetry: African Textiles, Dress, and Adornment opens March 23.

[Henri Cartier-Bresson photograph of Matisse in his studio 1943-44, from Matisse, His Art and His Textiles.]

Thanks to recent U.S. exhibitions like Weaving Abstraction at The Textile Museum, curators seem keener than ever to explore the graphic power of Kuba cloth and other African textiles (those designs that always intrigued Matisse), so I'm thrilled the High is joining the conversation. The upcoming Atlanta show will include more than 40 pieces from across the continent, encompassing works from the Sahara and South Africa.

Reminder: This previously posted video with LACMA curator Sharon Takeda offers a great intro to Kuba cloth. And the example posted at top just happens to be a personal favorite from LACMA's collection -- no direct connection to the High's show.      


ArchitectDesign™ said...

That African panel would make a terrific area rug! Such a beautiful pattern.

Style Court said...

Love that idea, translating pattern to rug. Thanks, Stefan!